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Due to drastic changes both overseas and at home, physical distribution systems must become globalized and borderless. Every enterprise has to reshape its fields for future survival. Japanese companies in the electric and electronic appliance industry must also deliver products and services to customers through marketing activities from a global viewpoint. These companies must analyze global market trends to work out product and sales strategies, instead of separating domestic and overseas markets. It is, in fact, the wholesaler's mission for the future.

In sync with this trend, SANYO Life Electronics Co., Ltd. and SANYO Electric Trading Co., Ltd. merged into a single company, the former taking charge of the Japanese market and the latter the overseas market. The new company started worldwide operations as SANYO Sales and Marketing Corporation on October 1, 2001. It uses SANYO Life Electronics sales channels and marketing capability in Japan and SANYO Electric Trading global sales network and expertise in developing overseas products. To maximize the customer-related assets of the two companies, SANYO Sales & Marketing Corporation has built synergy among its Domestic Business Group, Overseas Business Group and New Business Promotion Group and has created a new business model in the field of international physical distribution.

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